The Local


Nederland, Colo. local Faeryn Sage relaxes on a bench Friday, watching as tourists flood Chipeta Park for the first evening of NedFest, a three-day music and art festival. Sage, age 17, has attended the festival for as long as she can remember, she said. “I’m from Rollinsville,” Sage said, “I was born there, in a baby pool. I think growing up here I was shown things a little earlier and maybe shown things that are a little realer-things closer to reality.”


One thought on “The Local

  1. This is a very good photo. The lighting really draws attention to the subject’s face, and her expression makes you think she is interesting, and may have a story to tell. The composition is very clean, the back ground is pleasant but not distracting. To me, the photograph doesn’t necessarily tell a story on its own, nor does it trigger an emotional response. However, it would definitely work in a journalistic package because the subject looks interesting in this context, and potentially captivating.


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