Steve Fenberg’s path to politics

Steve Fenberg’s Race for Senate from Stephanie Cook on Vimeo.

Former CU student Steve Fenberg is running for the District 18 seat in Colorado’s state senate. In this clip Fenberg discusses how his time at CU prompted him to create the non-profit organization New Era Colorado, and how it influenced his political and professional goals.


3 thoughts on “Steve Fenberg’s path to politics

  1. You’ve got a good subject who is obviously newsworthy. The phone interview leaves with less than stellar audio quality, but you can understand the subject. The video, with all the shots off a computer screen and the somewhat hazy b-roll (it
    looks like the lens may have been fogged or a dirty) isn’t as compelling as it could have been. The still photo of the people outside the bus with the arms in the air is a nice moment, and the students marching by Norlin also works nicely. Some more b-roll like that, along with audio to go with those activities and some other voices, would have gone a long way to keeping the viewer engaged with the points that Fenberg was making.


    1. Thanks for the feedback. That video was done with audio from my first set of interviews with Steve. I was able to score a face-to-face interview with last him last week and have replaced the video with this new version. Would you mind checking it out?


      1. Much improved, Stephanie. Great that you scored the interview. The audio is clear and Steve is positioned well in the frame. The door behind him’s quite a distraction as is the road noise. Just taking him around the corner to a spot on a street with less action on it would have removed those. The subtitled questions and the length of the video work for kind of a video political Q&A, but wouldn’t be ideal in another type of interview. You could get the written out questions out of the piece by stopping your subject and asking them to answer again and restate the question in their answer. When he talks about climate change and a couple other of his answers he doesn’t say what the question is. If you got him to restate those, then you could cut out the questions altogether. That’s probably not necessary here because most viewers are voters who are more interested in questions and answers than the average viewer who you have to work harder to keep interested. I’ll bump up your grade for this assignment.


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