Mapping the Boulder Floods

In Sept. 2013, a 1,000-year rainfall and 100-year flood ravaged Colorado’s Front Range, killing ten people and creating hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. Three years later, workers and volunteers are still making repairs to homes, local infrastructure, and ecological areas like creek beds and open spaces. Boulder County is just past the half-way mark in their five-year plan to repair and improve … Continue reading Mapping the Boulder Floods

A beacon of happiness, nestled in the mountains 

NEDERLAND, COLORADO IS MY HOMETOWN. Even those living in Boulder may not have heard of it, but my parents have lived in the same house, nestled between pine trees and aspens, for the past 27 years. They bought our house over the phone while living in Burbank, California, and I’ve always wondered how anyone who didn’t grow up around here could even find Nederland. We’ve … Continue reading A beacon of happiness, nestled in the mountains 

Gotta catch ’em all

Bruce Goodwyn, age 66, sports a festive hat as he retrieves stray rubber ducks during Boulder’s 29th annual EXPAND Duck Race. The race, a local tradition for many Boulder families and businesses, returned Monday as part of the Boulder Creek Hometown Festival after being postponed last May due to high water flow in Boulder Creek. Goodwyn, who lives in the Foothills, said he’s participated in … Continue reading Gotta catch ’em all